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New video/single out soon!

We’ve got a new video/single “Hangover In Hannover” coming out soon on October 12!

New distribution deal for our upcoming album ”The Ghost Ward Diaries”!

Electric Boys The Ghost Ward Diaries album cover

We’ve just signed a distribution deal for our upcoming album ”The Ghost Ward Diaries”!

Swedish rockband Electric Boys sign with Mighty Music and release new album in November.
“We like guitar riffs, strong hooks and heavy grooves, performed on analog instruments. I guess you’d call it classic rock.”
“Lyric wise it’s a bit darker than before; little diaries from times on the road and the struggle in between.”
“The album is far from predictable, yet it was the easiest album to record since the reunion. We really had a good team going with producer/engineer David Castillo.” Conny Bloom, Electric Boys.

Electric Boys have just finished recording the new album ”The Ghost Ward Diaries” to be released on the 23rd of November worldwide through Mighty Music. Conny describes it as ”different” and full of fun.

The first radio single and music video from the upcoming album, “Hangover In Hannover”, is due to be released in late September.

ELECTRIC BOYS – “The Ghost Ward Diaries”
Out 23rd of November 2018 worldwide through Mighty Music on LP, CD and digital.

“Hangover In Hannover”
“There She Goes Again”
“You Spark My Heart”
“Love Is A Funny Feeling”
“Gone Gone Gone”
“First The Money, Then The Honey”
“Rich Man, Poor Man”
“Knocked Out By Tyson”
“One Of The Fallen Angels”

Pre-order here: www.targetshop.dk/electricboys or at your local record pusher.

Facebook live at Ghost Ward studio

We’re playing a New song, and a few others, acoustic.
Join the Pledge campaign:

Facebook live at Ghost Ward studio. We’re playing a New song, and a few others, acoustic.Join the Pledge campaign: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/electric-boys-new-album

Slået op af Electric Boys i Onsdag den 22. august 2018


Ghost Ward studio: http://www.ghostward.com

Live on Facebook & Instagram

We’re playing a few songs acoustic, live from the studio tomorrow Wednesday 22 August, 19.00

Slået op af Electric Boys i Tirsdag den 21. august 2018


We’re playing a few songs acoustic, live from the studio today Wednesday 22 August, 19.00

See ya soon  =)

New Single “Suffer” Released Now!

We’re releasing our new single ”Suffer” today 23 March via PledgeMusic!

Bonus track is ”All Lips N’ Hips” live from the Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride 25th anniversary gig at Debaser, 20 December 2014.


Please support the making of our new album on PledgeMusic, this time we’re not releasing the album through a record company but instead we’re going straight to you, the fan, with a crowdfunding campaign.
This means that with your support we will be able to make our new album, in return we’re offering you to be part of the recording process via video clips, pictures and updates plus cd’s, vinyl, merch and other cool stuff.


We’re really, really grateful to all of you that have already supported the PledgeMusic campaign, from the bottom of our hearts – a big Thank You!

/ Conny, Andy, Franco, Niclas and Jolle

Electric Boys Pre-Gig Party UK Tour

Electric Boys Pre-Gig Party UK Tour

Before every gig on our Groovus Maximus 25th Anniversary Tour in the UK we'll be having an official Pre-Gig Party.We want you to find and suggest the best local pub for this!And check if it's possible for us to play a couple of acoustic songs :-)Give us a suggestion and we'll show up for a beer and have some fun!First up is Sheffield, November 26

Opslået af Electric Boys på 20. november 2017

So yes, please suggest the best pub for a lil hang close by venue on the UK tour. Ps. We’re NOT doing a proper gig at the pub but we’ll bring an acoustic and have a fool around the table sorta thing. (So no need for PA system, stage etc..)

C ya soon!