The third video/single (from “Grand Explosivos”) “When Life Treats You Funky”:

The second video/single (from “Grand Explosivos”) “Domestic Blitz”:

The first video/single (from “Grand Explosivos”) “I’ve Got A Feelin'”:

Trailer for the album “Ups!de Down” (released April 30, 2021):

The video for “It’s Not The End” (the third single from “Ups!de Down”):

The video for “Tumblin’ Dominoes” (the second single from “Ups!de Down”):

The first video/single (from “Ups!de Down”) “Super God”:

Trailer for the album “The Ghost Ward Diaries” (released 2018):

The video for “Gone Gone Gone” (the third single from “The Ghost Ward Diaries”):

The video for “You Spark My Heart” (the second single from “The Ghost Ward Diaries”):

The first video/single (from “The Ghost Ward Diaries”) “Hangover In Hannover”: