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Worldwide Release for Starflight United!

Electric Boys –  Starflight United (Deluxe Edition)

We’re really happy to finally have the album available worldwide!
These 5 bonus tracks were recorded at the same time as the rest of our latest album (Starflight United) and kept for a future release.

So here it is – the Starflight United Deluxe Edition!

Hope you dig it!
/Electric Boys

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Electric Boys Starflight United

Newcastle venue upgraded due to phenomenal demand!

As you will know, the Newcastle venue for the upcoming Dan Reed Network show, with very special guests Electric Boys, and support from The King Lot, sold out almost as soon as it went on sale.

The great news is, that due to continued demand for tickets, the show has been moved to o2 Academy Newcastle. All original tickets remain valid, however we now have limited tickets available for sale with immediate effect from the following link:
If you are one of the many who demanded tickets for Newcastle, then get in quick as they’ll sell out again quickly.
Limited Tickets for all other shows are still available, however they are selling fast, so don’t delay, or you may miss out!

And Then There Were 5!

People, let’s face it; jammin’ is kinda difficult across the Atlantic.
As you probably already know, Niclas lives in LA since many years. The budget can’t handle flying him in for a gig here and there, which is how Jolle Atlagic came in to the picture.

On the tours with Hanoi Rocks, Jolle and Andy Christell really locked in, so it was a natural step to have Jolle play (who had the Electric Boys albums and knew the songs already).

On the upcoming tours, Jolle Atlagic will do the Dan Reed Network tour in the UK, and Niclas will do the Swedish dates and the rest of the European tour with FM.

In case you haven’t already, please welcome Jolle as a full-time member!
He’s saved our asses so many times we’ve lost count  :-)

Looking forward to seeing you guys on tour!
/Electric Boys

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Electric Boys – Biography

“I saw them destroy a small club in Stockholm and it suddenly hit me that these guys could be a huge international band.They all looked great; Conny Bloom was possibly one of the greatest front men I’d ever seen – and believe me I’d seen ‘em all including Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, Axl Rose and Dave Lee Roth. Not only did he look the part but his sense of stage craft and charisma was undeniably dazzling. Drummer Niklas Sigevall slammed into his kit like a mutant combination of John Bonham and Charlie Watts. Bassist Andy Christell cut a cool lean figure laying down a foundation that fused hard rock with the more melodic elements of funk – think ‘Miss You’ period Stones. Guitar wise, Conny Bloom off-loaded a constant barrage of wild Hendrix inspired leads whilst rhythm devil Franco Santunione cut not only another visual foil but also provided the oil and grease to make the engine work. It was like an explosion in a paint factory with appropriate musical accompaniment. I came home in a trance.20 years later and they are back. Timing, they say, is everything; this time the world might just have caught up with them. Let’s hope so.”

Derek Oliver

London March 2009

“To say this band was ahead of it’s time is an understatement! The continued originality of “Groovus Maximus” and “Freewheelin'” demonstrated the fact that all truly brilliant music statements become more obvious AFTER the fact. It seems only fitting reforming one of the best rock bands to come out of Europe in the last 30 years.”

Greg Hampton –Producer

(Alice Cooper, Ron Wood, Lita Ford etc)

“I went to see the Electric Boys and Mr. Big at Universal Amphitheatre in Hollywood with Tommy Lee, and the band was, pardon the pun… ELECTRIC!! Both Tommy and myself talked about what we witnessed for quite some time, and during the recording of Motley Crue’s ’94 album, found out that Bob Rock had worked with the band as well.”

John Corabi-singer

(Motley Crue, The Scream)

Electric Boys was formed 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden by Conny Bloom (guitar and vocals) and Andy Christell (bass) and were soon joined by Franco Santunione (guitar) and Niclas Sigevall (drums). In 1989 they released their critically acclaimed debut Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride and got a hit song right away with the track “All Lips N’ Hips”.

Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride was later released internationally including five new songs produced by monster-producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Mötley Crüe etc.).

Electric Boys toured tenaciously in Europe and in the U.S. where they were climbing the Billboard list while “All Lips N’ Hips” was set on heavy rotation on MTV.

The follow up album Groovus Maximus was released in 1992 and the single “Mary In The Mystery World” became a huge radio hit. The album was recorded in the legendary “Beatles studio” Abbey Road in London and the band continued touring mainly in the U.S.A., Great Britain and Sweden.

In 1994, the album Freewheelin’ was released and the members decided to dissolve the band soon after with a farewell concert in their hometown Stockholm.

After four years playing with Hanoi Rocks, Conny Bloom and Andy Christell decided to reunite Electric Boys, with the original line-up, in the beginning of 2009.

After some touring they recorded a new album “And Them Boys Done Swang” that was released in April 2011.
The band is currently touring their new album “Starflight United” (that was released in April 2014 in Sweden & FInland) and are working on getting it released all over the world.

The Band

Conny Bloom – lead vocals, guitars
Franco Santunione -guitars, backing vocals
Andy Christell – bass, backing vocals
Niclas Sigevall – drums
Jolle Atlagic – drums


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